My Faith

 For as long as I can recall I’ve known about the name of Jesus.
I grew up in a Christian home, was baptized when I was 6 years old. And I went to church every Sunday Morning and Wednesday night all throughout my childhood.

 However it wasn’t until the fall of 2011 just before my 23rd birthday that I truly encountered God's love for myself and started truly living for him.

One of the reason this blog became to be was to document and share my life with you all but also to be living proof that the walk with Christ on this earth is worth more than anything this world has to offer. 

I've had my fair share of encounters with fellow believers who for what I can only gather to be for the sake of appearance, pretend they have the perfect life, there’s nothing more to learn because they have arrived, they’ve graduated in there walk, moved to perfect ville and are in the running for mayor. 

Rest assured you wont find that here, I love the Lord, Believe Jesus Christ died for my sins and I carry my cross daily but I am flawed, I have seasons of struggles and moments of doubt. I am a constant work in progress and I do my best to be up front about it all. 

Sometimes I lose my temper my with my loved ones. I burn dinner, get overwhelmed with bills, and there are days when in all my frustration I ask "why me!?"

But I think if we are all honest which each other, this is pretty much how life works in general. You've got to learn how to take the good with the bad. After all there are trials and triumphs to be had for us all. So I am not ashamed of my bad days and wont hide them from you, I feel like that would only hinder my growth and water down my testimony. 

With that said, I'd also like to add that my faith is vital to me, its the reason I believe I was put here on this earth and it ultimately fuels the way I act, think and speak and I have been so majorly blessed that there is no way I would ever want to live outside the will of God ever again. 

Throughout my spiritual walk I have learned that being a Christian requires more than just repeating after a pastor one day and going to weekly church services. 

Ive learned through the years that being a true follower of Christ means turning my back on the ways of the world and the things that would me separate from God.

I have learned that as a Christian I am called to pick up my cross and strive to be Christ-like every day especially in those times where I feel like it the least.

It is not always a smooth ride, there are bumps, pot holes, road blocks and dead ends and it may never be a popular trend or the “easiest” way of life at first glance but what it is without a doubt is 100% immensely and eternally worth it.

If you'd care to join me, I'd love to share with you and have you a long on the ride of my journey of grace, love and life.

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